26 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: Putting Off Dental Care Costs You Money!

This is so, so, so true. Like, really true. Dental care is least expensive when you get it regularly. When you wait, there will be more problems and more costs. But don’t worry if you’ve waited. We can help you prioritize and get things fixed one by one until it’s all done. For a free

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25 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: Invictus Modern Dentistry Is Right For Step 4

What more do we need to say? Brushing, flossing and using mouthwash are your first three lines of defense against cavities, gum disease and other bad mouth stuff. Then see a dentist like Invictus Modern Dentistry regularly so we can make sure all is well and fix little problems before they become big ones. For

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24 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: Brushing In Circles Gets You Somewhere!

Brushing in a straight line doesn’t clean at the gum line very well, so brush in circles instead. This is, admittedly, awkward at first – but it really works to clean your teeth better. And it’s what dentists have been recommending for years. For a free oral health consultation to see how clean and healthy

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23 Nov

The Biomimetic Approach

Biomimetic dentistry uses a conservative approach in addressing dental problems. It uses non-invasive techniques, and its results are usually more durable compared to traditional dental restorations. The approach is based on mimicking nature and restoring teeth without destroying the tooth structure. With biomimetic dental restoration, you won’t need dental crowns, extraction, or any root canal

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22 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: Tooth Loss Isn’t Inevitable

The meme is funny, but there’s no reason to believe you have to lose your teeth as you grow older. With proper dental care, many people can keep all or most of their natural teeth their entire lives. And we can fix or replace the ones that don’t last. For a free oral health consultation

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20 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: Go Ahead, Let’s Play “What If…”

But here’s the deal: Many of the aspects of your smile can be changed. We can make it whiter, brighter, less gummy, straighter, more perfect… Just about anything is possible with today’s gentle cosmetic procedures. Why not ask us about your smile concerns? And don’t worry. You don’t have to do it on social media.

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19 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: How Much Is Your Head Worth?

Beautiful, fully functional teeth are worth a lot – as writer Miguel de Cervantes knew when he wrote the words above in Don Quixote in 1605. But today, cosmetic and restorative dental procedures are available that can help you get back the diamonds you may have lost or damaged. It all starts by contacting Invictus

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18 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: Yes, We Really Want To Know!

Why? Because we’re geeks about teeth. And we know you can get clean teeth either way – if you do it right. A is for manual and B is for electric – and we’ll be keeping score. Just make sure you use one or the other if you want great teeth. See how you’re doing

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17 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: A Teeth Cleaning Feels Like This! (For Some!)

OK, we don’t know exactly how you’ll feel after a teeth cleaning. It might be like this. But it will certainly be a lot better than before. You’ll feel cleaner, healthier and even a bit smug for finally getting it done. It’s really possible if you come see us. And it all starts by contacting

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