Homeopathy For Dental Emergencies

27 Sep

homeopathy dental emergency infographic


Complementary Systems of Disease Treatment (Homeopathy)

Dental emergency

The information contained here is helpful for handling dental emergencies. Explained are first aid alternatives that can provide remedy prior to seeing a dentist. This information is not a replacement for the expertise offered by a qualified dentist. Dental advice ought to be followed to the latter. This information is also useful in easing dental discomfort and pain.

To help with fear of the dentist

Gelsemium 12C: Taking five pellets of Gelsemium 12C the evening and morning prior to visiting the dentist will help alleviate diarrhea, weakness, sleepiness, and nausea. You are allowed to also take another dose of these pellets 45 minutes prior to undertaking any dental procedure.

Aconite 12C: Consuming five pellets of Aconite the evening and morning prior to a dentist appointment will assist in minimizing restlessness and/or panic. You are allowed to take another dose of these remedies 45 minutes prior to undergoing any dental procedure.

Remedy for severe dental complications

Hypericum 9C: Taking between three and five pellets of Hypericum 9C after every half hour will assist in relieving pain that is emanating from an extracted tooth or from gum surgery.

Arnica 30C: Taking three to five pellets of Arnica 30C every 20 minutes will help relieve trauma and inflammation pains generated from dental procedures such as surgery, extractions, new dentures, and injections.

Ferrum Phos 6C: In order to heal bleeding derived from surgery or tooth extractions, consume between three and five pellets repeatedly after 15 to 30 minutes while symptoms persist.

Belladonna 6C: In case you experience redness, inflammation, sensitivity, or gum abscesses take three to five Belladonna 6C pellets in spaces of between half an hour to an hour repeatedly to relieve the pain.

Myristrica Sebifera 6C: Prior to undergoing any invasive dental treatment, consume five pellets in the space of 15 minutes to alleviate pain.

Remedies for young children and teething toddlers

Hypericum 9C: Give the infant five pellets of these remedies every half hour to relieve pain in the nerves.

Camomilla 12C: Children requiring physical comfort from cuddling during the teething process should be given three Camomilla 12C pellets in the space of between 30 and 60 minutes.

Healing cold sore

Whenever you notice a cold sore developing, consume three pellets of the below highlighted remedies every half hour up to three times a day.

  • Petroleum 9C
  • Arsenicum Album 7C
  • Phus Toxicondendron 7C
  • Graphites 7C

Healing toothache

Aconitum Napellus 7C: When dealing with sudden extreme toothaches, consume five pellets in the space of 15 minutes to 20 minutes until these pains subside.

Coffea Cruda 9C: For toothaches that are extreme when it’s hot and low when cold, consume three pellets in the space of half an hour.

Magnesia Phosphorica 9C: When dealing with toothaches that get worse when it’s cold and easier when hot, take five pellets in the space of between half an hour and an hour.

Belladonna 15C: When encountering throbbing pains when chewing, moving, or when touching, take three pellets after every half hour to an hour.

Extreme muscle spasms

Hypericum Perforatum 9C: Consume three pellets in the space of one hour until these symptoms subside. The remedies can also prevent spasms before they start.

Cuprum Metallicum 9C: Consume three pellets after every 20 minutes until the spasm symptoms subside.

For optimum results take note of the following:

Make sure not to touch the pellets using bare hands instead placing them in a glass or cap and thereafter putting them inside the mouth. Place the tablets underneath the tongue allowing them to dissolve naturally. You are instructed not to eat anything 20 minutes prior to or after consuming the pellets. Natural plants like tea, coffee, and mint can be used to counteract the gainful effects of the discussed homeopathic remedies. Avoid them. These remedies must not be stored near products which contain perfume or camphor.


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