Times Square Chronicle: Best Eight Signs That Reveal Your Dentist Specialize in Holistic Dentistry

6 Dec

There’s been a massive shift in the way individuals view their health today! More and more people are opting in for a holistic approach to life. And this is inclusive of dental health care as well. Our oral health is essential to the proper functioning of the whole body. Today, an entirely new range of holistic dentistry has emerged. The primary objective is to provide advanced dental care solutions without having any harmful effects.

It means holistic dentistry thrives on the philosophy of Toxic Free Dental Care. Wondering how to know that a dentist is adhering to holistic dentistry techniques? Discussed below are vital signs to determine that your dentist is providing dental care solutions, free of toxins.

  1. Amalgam fillings are prohibited

It is one of the most significant signs! Holistic dentist generally doesn’t suggest and provide the amalgam option. They place great importance on the patient’s health. So, they don’t prefer mercury or its vapors close to their clinics. Just in case a dentist tells you that he/she is into holistic treatments and still uses mercury, you need to rethink your decision and reach out for some other dentist.

  1. Holistic dentists also avert the dental crowns

The natural or holistic dentists are very particular about drilling practices. How does this dentist treat teeth filled with a cavity that needs urgent filling? The answer is simple. He/she tries to keep the majority of the natural, unaffected tooth intact. And for the dental filling, he makes use of a non-toxic material.

Just in case a cavity is enormous, an inlay is the only option. Dental crowns take away a massive chunk of the natural tooth. Every holistic dentist would make use of this kind of dental treatment as the final resort when all other things have failed.

  1. No types of fluoride treatments get used

It’s a known fact that fluoride brings down the IQ of a child. Hence, holistic dentists try and avoid any fluoride treatment. It’s because it results in unwanted white spots on their teeth. Furthermore, it also adds to the chances of fractures, since the bones go weak. Fluoride treatment also affects thyroid functions. No holistic dentist will talk in favor of this treatment.

  1. Holistic dentists will not opt-in for sealants

It is yet another treatment modality that holistic dentists don’t support.Sealant materials are composed using Bisphenol A, that’s known to disrupt the hormones. Experienced holistic dentists will not prescribe it both for adults and children. There’s nothing called “BPA free” sealants! So, when a dentist says he/she uses BPA free sealants, know that it’s not possible. And this is where you should get talking to another holistic dentist.

  1. All filling materials get tested properly

Holistic dentists with adequate training will examine their patients via applied muscle testing or blood test. It will determine whether the fill material be compatible with the patients’ health. You know a dentist is not holistic when he/she skips this test. Instead, they go onto use their chosen composite material for all the patients.

Not all dental materials fit every patient. An authentic natural dentist is aware of this and responds accordingly.

  1. The use of x-rays is minimal based on the requirement

Holistic dentists who pay attention to their patients’ health will not use x-rays until required. He/she will surely not use it on a child till such time the child is at least 13 years of age. Natural dentist finds the frequent use of x-rays rather pointless. Be a little wary of that holistic dentist who emphasizes on a series of bitewings on every dental cleaning session. The less your teeth and gum get exposed to x-ray radiation; it’s better for your dental health.

However, the digital x-rays are 50% less in its radiation than the conventional x-ray devices. According to research conducted by Elizabeth Claus, Yale University – people with excess dental x-ray usually have the chances to get affected by a brain tumor. Hence, a natural dentist will use an x-ray only when he is in urgent and critical need of it, to suggest the apt dental treatment.

  1. A holistic dentist will not extract a wisdom tooth till such time it is posing any serious health issue

The majority of people are affected by a wisdom tooth. Also, some of them get tensed and opt-in for the wisdom teeth extraction. According to Dr. Jay Friedman, whose study got published in the American Journal of Public Health suggests that more than half of wisdom tooth extracts are not necessary. And from the entire five of six million people, around 11,000 and 12,000 people area affected by “permanent paresthesia.” It causes tongue, cheek, and lip becoming numb from a severe nerve injury.

The truth is, you should only extract wisdom teeth when there’s no other alternative. And just in case it gets removed, the holistic dentist will have to address the same, in a way that the patients’ health is not affected adversely.

  1. They use vitamin C for all kinds of invasive surgery along with homeopathy

It is an essential determining point whether a dentist adopts holistic practices. In a few dental operations, dentists use homeopathy drops other than drugs of any kind. It facilitates the dental treatment process. And this, in turn, sanctioned the use of painkillers at the time of the real operation.

In such surgeries, the patient’s usually get subjected to an oral Vitamin C. It’s used rather than synthetic ascorbic acid. And this drinkable supplement had been instrumental in hugely kick-starting the healing process. The good news is that people this way can heal from surgery with no amount of antibiotics.

Holistic dentistry today is becoming more prevalent than ever.  More and more people gradually realize the benefits of toxic free dental solutions. Natural dental care aims not just to treat an impending dental issue, but also to ensure that nothing else gets wrong in the body, as an after effect of the treatment. Are you searching for a dentist who practices holistic dentistry and its perfect at it? If yes, then you need to keep a note of all these eight points when you are searching dentists. You can arrive at the best choice.

Source: https://t2conline.com/best-eight-signs-that-reveal-your-dentist-specialize-in-holistic-dentistry/

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