The Pros and Cons: Denture Adhesive

20 Dec

Denture Adhesive Infographic


Denture Adhesives: What They Are and How They Can Help You

Dentures are very helpful dental tools that work to ensure that you can get back to living life normally, such as with eating and talking. Dentures can often be customized so they fit your mouth perfectly, but sometimes they need a little bit of help to make sure they stay secure on your gums. Because of this, denture adhesives are often needed. Below you’ll find some more information about what they are and how they can help your dentures to fit more comfortably.

What is a Denture Adhesive?

A denture adhesive is a special solution that is put on the top of dentures to help make sure that they fit on your gum better and don’t cause irritation when you wear them. They come in many different forms, like adhesive pastes, powders, and even pads you can place on the exterior of the dentures.

Why Adhesives are Important to Use

Denture adhesives are important to use as they help to shrink gaps in your jawbone which work to keep your dentures fitting better on your gums. They are made out of strong materials which means that when you go to eat hard food or even talk, there’s no fear of your dentures bothering you or slipping out of place.

Types of Dentures Adhesives

As mentioned above, there are 3 main types of denture adhesives that you’ll find: powder, paste, and pads. Below is a little more about these 3 types.

Powder Adhesives

A powder adhesive is made up of various materials, like calcium and zinc, which help to not only keep your gums strong and healthy but ensure your dentures don’t slip out when they’re on. With powder adhesives, you simply sprinkle a little bit on the top of your dentures to help them stay secure on your gums.

Paste Adhesives

A paste adhesive contains similar ingredients such as powder adhesives, but instead of it being a fine powder, it comes in a tube. You can then squirt out the paste inside around the edge of your dentures to help them stay secure on your gums.

Pad Adhesives

Denture pad adhesives, also known sometimes as wafers, tend to be a little pricey, but work a slightly better than the other types listed above. You take these sticky strips and then line them around the top of your dentures to help keep them on your gums.

Things to Keep in Mind About Denture Adhesives

While these items are easy and safe to use, they do have some things you need to keep in mind. The first is that if your dentures do not fit you properly, the adhesive will not work well. It’s a good idea to check with your dentist about your dentures before investing in an adhesive to use. Otherwise, it could cause irritation and not work well.

The other thing to consider is irritation. Adhesives sometimes can irritate the gums due to their ingredients. It’s a good idea to talk with your dentist beforehand about the type of adhesive you plan to use to make sure that you don’t have an allergy to the contents in them.

Denture adhesives are great items to use to help ensure your dentures stay securely on your gums so you can talk and chew normally. With the information above, you can be sure that you’ll be better equipped to find the adhesive that will work well for you.

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