Root Cause: A New Documentary on The Link Between Root Canals and Systemic Diseases

29 May

A root canal tooth is a tooth that’s dead. However, despite being dead, there are a lot of things that go on inside the tooth and what is inside can escape through the roots to the circulatory system. In particular, toxic metabolic waste from pathogens remaining inside the tooth play a part in causing systemic health conditions. This documentary discusses how root canal tooth can lead to systemic diseases by highlighting Frazer Bailey’s story on how he suffered and eventually got relief after finding the root cause.

Frazer, an Australian filmmaker, was once involved in a fight immediately after graduating from high school. During the fight, a number of his front and back teeth were damaged, and one of his injured front teeth needed a root canal procedure. The treatment went well, and everything was fine. However, after some time, Frazer started getting chronic fatigue and panic attacks, and his health began to fall apart. Therefore, he embarked on a journey to try and find answers for his health problems. He tried many things, including conventional medicine, nutritional supplements, spiritual cures, and alternative medicine, but none of them solved his health issues. After a lot of struggle, he came to learn that his health problems originated from the root canal tooth. Therefore, he addressed the “root cause’ and returned to health.

From Frazer’s story and views from experts who have studied this link between infections and systemic health problems, we learn that root canal tooth is usually dead but preserved. The documentary goes on to explain why dental roots harbor bacteria despite undergoing the routine disinfection. To make the matter worse, the tooth is completely sealed hence your body’s immune system cannot fight any infection. Unfortunately, you cannot know that the tooth is infected because its nerves were removed in the procedure.


The Link

It is known that the meridian system energetically connects our teeth and gums to the rest of our body, and so does circulation connect our organs and tissues. Therefore, toxins from the bacteria inside the teeth can get into the blood circulation via the roots in the jawbone, causing infections and other health problems.

The experts noted that root canal tooth has been linked to several health conditions including heart disease, cancer, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders, stroke, and others. In the film, the experts talk about some of their patients who had gone through the same struggle as Frazer. In one case, a student had developed kidney and bladder infections as a result of the root canal procedure. In another case, a woman developed acute back pain which disappeared when the dentist desensitized the nerve.

New knowledge takes time to be accepted and adopted. This documentary seeks to shed light on the relationship between root canal teeth and systemic health problems to help dentists and patients prevent such health conditions. In addition, more and more studies have found that pathogens or toxins in the tooth can cause problems elsewhere in the body.

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