14 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: Is This Tastebud News You Can Use?

We admit it: It may not seem like this is news you can use. After all, what can you do about the short lifespan of tastebuds? You can, however, make sure you maintain good overall and oral health so you always have great tastebuds that serve you well. Excellent oral health starts by contacting Invictus

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30 Oct

Teeth Are Fun: Tastebuds Are Part Of A Healthy Mouth

No one understands mouths and all their components better than a dentist, and Dr. Taís Trevelin (Lowry) looks forward to answering your questions about the health of your head – including your tongue. But a slightly burned tongue will probably be better before you get here. For more serious issues, contact Invictus Modern Dentistry in San

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4 Oct

Teeth Are Fun: Healthy Teeth Mean More Learning For Kids!

Children can’t learn when they’re in pain, and dental-related illnesses cause the loss of an astounding 51 million school hours. Less obvious than a broken arm and more real than that unconvincing cough your kids get when they want to stay home, dental issues only get worse when they aren’t treated. Learn more about our

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21 Sep

Teeth Are Fun: Harder Than That, And That… And That Too!

That’s right: Tooth enamel is harder than your fingernails, harder than your bones and even harder than that callus you got from those shoes that never really fit right and you had to finally throw away. But acids in foods can damage it, especially if you don’t clean the bad stuff away. See how you’re

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29 Jul

Teeth Are Fun: Plaque Isn’t So Fun Though

It’s true: Harmful yellow plaque that may be sticking to your teeth right now can contain 300 species of bacteria and other bad stuff. And it forms tartar that sticks to your teeth even tighter. Ew. Full-on Jimmy Fallon ewww! Make sure you’re doing all you can to remove plaque at your free oral health

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17 Jul

Teeth Are Fun: We’re Toothpaste Experts, You Know!

We aren’t just dental and oral health experts, we’re toothpaste experts too. Minty toothpaste can remove the smell of garlic, onions and even fish from your hands when rubbed on gently. Just don’t reuse that bit of paste for brushing! Please don’t come to us for more household cleaning tips, but if you need a

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15 May

Teeth Are Fun: What A Shiny Nose He Has, Right?

Or you could be noticing someone’s eyes, we suppose. Whatever you see first, you’ll soon notice if someone’s teeth just aren’t right. And people notice the flaws in your teeth too. But don’t be self-conscious. Instead, get your teeth fixed – which all starts with calling Invictus Modern Dentistry in San Diego at (619) 359-6569

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