17 Oct

Teeth Are Fun: Thumb Sucking Endangers Your Child’s Teeth!

Allowing a child to suck their thumb may temporarily keep them happy, but just think how much whining you’ll have to listen to when they want braces later on – or worse, need surgery or other corrective procedures. Thumb-sucking can cause lifelong but preventable problems, so don’t let it happen. Learn more by contacting Invictus

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11 Oct

Teeth Are Fun: Prevent, Restore And Love Your Teeth More

Children who eat a healthy diet and learn good dental health practices early are less likely to have cavities, so teach them right to avoid the plight of cavities. When cavities are an issue in children or adults, fillings and other restorations stop progression and restore full function. Learn more at a free oral health

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4 Oct

Teeth Are Fun: Healthy Teeth Mean More Learning For Kids!

Children can’t learn when they’re in pain, and dental-related illnesses cause the loss of an astounding 51 million school hours. Less obvious than a broken arm and more real than that unconvincing cough your kids get when they want to stay home, dental issues only get worse when they aren’t treated. Learn more about our

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19 May

Teeth Are Fun: Get The Point? It’s About Priorities

There’s nothing wrong with X-Box or Legos, but things like brushed teeth, trimmed toenails and clean skin are important too. Teach your kids a little about priorities so that when they smile they have teeth to be proud of. For a free oral health consultation for every member of your family, call Invictus Modern Dentistry

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18 May

Teeth Are Fun: Habits And Healthy Gums Start Early!

Whether your kids have their baby teeth or their permanent teeth, children need to floss to maintain healthy gums and a great overall health. So take the subtle message of this meme seriously and teach your kids to floss. To see if you’re doing enough for your children’s teeth, call Invictus Modern Dentistry in San

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1 Mar

Teeth Are Fun: Spend Two Minutes With Your Kids!

Spending just 2 minutes with your kids each morning and evening can help them learn better oral health habits and make sure they’re doing what they should for healthy teeth and gum. Spend some quality time with your little ones every day, and call Invictus Modern Dentistry in San Diego at (619) 359-6569 for a

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24 Feb

Teeth Are Fun: Don’t Waste Paste And Don’t Choke Your Kid!

Teach your child how much toothpaste to use because using too much is wasteful and could be a choking hazard for your little one – and besides, the good stuff can be expensive. If you’re concerned about your child’s dental or oral health, call Invictus Modern Dentistry in San Diego at (619) 359-6569 for a

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15 Feb

Teeth Are Fun: Don’t Let Your Kids Be In The Majority

The majority of kids in their pre-teen years have had a cavity, but sometimes it’s best not to be in the majority. No matter where your kids stand now with their dental health, we can solve problems and prevent new ones when you call to schedule a free consultation with Invictus Modern Dentistry in San

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