1 Dec

Teeth Are Fun: They Don’t Cost That Much, You Know

Replacing your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months means you’re eliminating built-up gunk and getting bristles that clean like they should, not limp ones that are tired and ineffective. If you’ve been sick or have oral health issues, replace even more often – because there’s no downside to a fresh, clean toothbrush. For a free

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27 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: Why Do We Even Bother With This Text?

The text is probably for search purposes or something. Because you certainly don’t need to read it. This meme says it all. We’re holistic dentists who want the best for your whole body, including your mouth. Let us tell you how you’re doing and discuss how we can help. For a free oral health consultation,

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25 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: Invictus Modern Dentistry Is Right For Step 4

What more do we need to say? Brushing, flossing and using mouthwash are your first three lines of defense against cavities, gum disease and other bad mouth stuff. Then see a dentist like Invictus Modern Dentistry regularly so we can make sure all is well and fix little problems before they become big ones. For

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22 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: Tooth Loss Isn’t Inevitable

The meme is funny, but there’s no reason to believe you have to lose your teeth as you grow older. With proper dental care, many people can keep all or most of their natural teeth their entire lives. And we can fix or replace the ones that don’t last. For a free oral health consultation

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20 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: Go Ahead, Let’s Play “What If…”

But here’s the deal: Many of the aspects of your smile can be changed. We can make it whiter, brighter, less gummy, straighter, more perfect… Just about anything is possible with today’s gentle cosmetic procedures. Why not ask us about your smile concerns? And don’t worry. You don’t have to do it on social media.

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15 Nov

Teeth Are Good: Keep Bacteria Under Control!

You probably know that bacteria are always present on your skin, in your mouth and in your gut too. Some of them are good. But in the mouth, a lot of them are bad. Brush, floss and use mouthrinses to keep the icky stuff at bay. A better, healthier mouth starts with contacting Invictus Modern

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14 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: Is This Tastebud News You Can Use?

We admit it: It may not seem like this is news you can use. After all, what can you do about the short lifespan of tastebuds? You can, however, make sure you maintain good overall and oral health so you always have great tastebuds that serve you well. Excellent oral health starts by contacting Invictus

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11 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: In Fact, Water Is Good For Overall Health

At Invictus Modern Dentistry San Diego, we treat people – not just teeth and mouths. Remarkable concept, isn’t it? And water is the essential ingredient for better overall health, plus it cleans the mouth, helps eliminate bacteria and improves cell health. So why not? See where your oral health stands by contacting Invictus Modern Dentistry

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10 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: Be Among The Well-Informed 32 Percent

Oral cancer is serious business, yet a third of us know very little about it. Did you know that an oral cancer screening is part of a complete dental exam and cleaning? And did you know that tobacco use, heavy drinking and HPV exposure are major risk factors? See where you stand and get your

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8 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: A Bright Smile Is A Healthy Smile!

We want you to be happy, lively and bright – and a bright smile is an outward indicator of a person who feels great enough to take care of themselves. We can brighten your smile with teeth whitening and veneers plus cosmetic and restorative dentistry of all kinds. At Invictus Modern Dentistry San Diego, we

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