17 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: A Teeth Cleaning Feels Like This! (For Some!)

OK, we don’t know exactly how you’ll feel after a teeth cleaning. It might be like this. But it will certainly be a lot better than before. You’ll feel cleaner, healthier and even a bit smug for finally getting it done. It’s really possible if you come see us. And it all starts by contacting

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3 Nov

Teeth Are Fun: Everything Works Against You, Doesn’t It?

Acidic foods and drinks like citrus, coffee, cola and more erode away your teeth – and so do lots of other foods and beverages. But not everything works against beautiful, healthy teeth that last a lifetime. Brushing, flossing and mouthwashes get rid of acid and debris that cause damage and decay. Learn more about at-home

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17 Jul

Teeth Are Fun: We’re Toothpaste Experts, You Know!

We aren’t just dental and oral health experts, we’re toothpaste experts too. Minty toothpaste can remove the smell of garlic, onions and even fish from your hands when rubbed on gently. Just don’t reuse that bit of paste for brushing! Please don’t come to us for more household cleaning tips, but if you need a

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5 Apr

Teeth Are Fun: Scaling Isn’t Just For Mount Everest!

While you can scale a mountain’s highest peak (or some people can!), you can also have your teeth scaled – and you should, every 6 months. Scaling removes plaque that has hardened into tartar, which prevents your gums from sealing against your teeth to keep out bacteria. Don’t skimp on scaling. For a free oral

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5 Feb

Teeth Are Fun: Don’t Miss A Scheduled Cleaning!

Most people need a good teeth cleaning every 6 months, and missing one can make the next one take longer – and possibly lead to dental health issues that will have you wishing you had saved the date and saved your teeth too. Call Invictus Modern Dentistry in San Diego at (619) 359-6569 for a

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