26 Sep

Teeth Are Fun: Great Teeth Make Smiling So Much More Fun!

If your teeth are ugly, there’s no reason to beat yourself up about it. After all, no one’s perfect. But now’s the time to get started on a more perfect smile – so you can use those 17 positive muscles to show it off and give those 43 negative face stretchers some time off. Learn

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31 Jul

Teeth Are Fun: What Do The Other 50 Percent Notice?

You’d better not answer that. Teeth make the man or woman, but other features help enhance the overall picture as well. But never mind those other features. We can help you have a smile that will impress at least half the people you meet. Let us explain how we can help at a free oral

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30 Jul

Teeth Are Fun: You Deserve World-Changing Teeth!

A smile can change at least one small part of the world at a time, and you deserve the best smile possible. If you think that your dirty, yellow, damaged teeth are a permanent part of your story, let us rewrite it to enhance your earth-altering smile. It all starts when you contact Invictus Modern

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12 Jul

Teeth Are Fun: Is It A 3-Step Recipe For Success In Life?

Actually, it makes the most sense to floss first, then brush to thoroughly remove the debris that floss loosens. But whatever. The point is that you need to do both to have a great smile. See how you’re doing and get your teeth fixed if necessary for the best smile possible. Get started by contacting

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9 Jul

Teeth Are Fun: Do You Like Showing Your Teeth Off?

If you don’t like showing off your teeth – that is, smiling – is it because they look so bad? If it is, we can solve that problem so that you can live your best life and make smiling your favorite thing. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Your new smile starts now by contacting Invictus Modern

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7 Jul

Teeth Are Fun: Tired Of These Keep Calm Things Yet?

Yeah, we are too. But it got your attention and that’s what matters. When you keep calm at our gentle dental office, we can help you smile better than ever before – with restored white teeth that look more amazing than you ever thought possible. It really can happen when you contact Invictus Modern Dentistry

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1 Jul

Teeth Are Fun: Smile With Your Melon!

Show off whatever you have – in this case, beautiful teeth and a stick full of watermelon, some freckles, a brown frilly shirt and a blue wall. If you’re not this confident in the amazingness of your teeth, we can help get your mouth healthy and your teeth looking great. It starts with contacting Invictus

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15 Jun

Teeth Are Fun: Maybe Both Are True, Right?

If a dentist tells you that a crown is necessary, you need the top portion of your tooth replaced with a ceramic or metal one so it will look and work better – but that doesn’t mean you’re NOT a prince or princess too. To see where you stand and whether you need any crowns,

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