19 May

Teeth Are Fun: Get The Point? It’s About Priorities

There’s nothing wrong with X-Box or Legos, but things like brushed teeth, trimmed toenails and clean skin are important too. Teach your kids a little about priorities so that when they smile they have teeth to be proud of. For a free oral health consultation for every member of your family, call Invictus Modern Dentistry

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15 May

Teeth Are Fun: What A Shiny Nose He Has, Right?

Or you could be noticing someone’s eyes, we suppose. Whatever you see first, you’ll soon notice if someone’s teeth just aren’t right. And people notice the flaws in your teeth too. But don’t be self-conscious. Instead, get your teeth fixed – which all starts with calling Invictus Modern Dentistry in San Diego at (619) 359-6569

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18 Apr

Teeth Are Fun: It’s Great To See A Big Smile!

Healthy teeth show off the healthy, vibrant person inside you – while ugly, damaged or rotting teeth can send the wrong message entirely. Let us help you get your mouth and life in order so you make a great first impression and keep on impressing. It starts with a free oral health consultation by calling

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16 Apr

Teeth Are Fun: Brighter Teeth Could Mean A Better Life

We don’t want to overstate the case, but ugly, dull teeth can seriously cost you relationships and jobs. Even the playing field by getting your teeth whitened and correcting other distracting things about your appearance. And smile! People like smiles. For your free oral health consultation to discuss teeth whitening, call Invictus Modern Dentistry San

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26 Mar

Teeth Are Fun: A Cavity Doesn’t Mean A Tooth Is A Goner

Treating a cavity as early as possible means preserving as much of the natural tooth as possible – and getting to keep that tooth longer, perhaps for a lifetime. Waiting could mean losing it sooner rather than later. For a free oral health consultation to see where you stand, call Invictus Modern Dentistry in San

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29 Jan

Teeth Are Fun: Some Healthy Foods Brighten Your Smile

Amazingly, some foods naturally help whiten and brighten your smile by stimulating saliva or actually scrubbing your teeth – like apples, pineapple, raisins, broccoli and more, and they’re all part of eating healthy and feeling great. If your teeth have problems that a raisin can’t solve, contact Invictus Modern Dentistry in San Diego at (619)

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26 Jan

Teeth Are Fun: Oral Health And Overall Health Are Linked

Bad oral health can cause diabetes, heart disease and other problems – and these problems can cause bad oral health too, so don’t get caught in this catch-22. Eat right, smile a lot, and see a dentist regularly – like Dr. Taís Trevelin (Lowry) at Invictus Modern Dentistry in San Diego, who offers a free consultation

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